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Movimento from Daniel Rodrigues on Vimeo.

"Movimento" is a sensorial study about the movement’s ability to create meaning.

More: behance.net/gallery/18406881/Movimento

Graduation project for Design bacharel in University of São Paulo (USP) | 2014

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Willem de Kooning Academy 2014 from WDKA on Vimeo.

Creative, driven, multidisciplinary, not afraid to make a mistakes, straightforward and international. That’s us! And that is reflected in the new WdKA commercial, made possible by Jurjen Versteeg, Ashley Gamble and Wouter Keijzer.

Three very talented alumni from the studies Audiovisual Design, Spatial Design and Advertising, who form the film & design studio From Form.

Creating Pioneers to keep an eye on!

Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences


Creatief, gedreven, grensoverschrijdend, multidisciplinair, niet bang om fouten te maken, recht voor z’n raap en internationaal. Dat zijn wij! En dat zie je terug in de nieuwe WdKA commercial, mogelijk gemaakt door Jurjen Versteeg, Ashley Govers en Wouter Keijzer. Drie zeer getalenteerde alumni van de vakstudies Audiovisueel ontwerpen, Ruimtelijk ontwerpen en Advertising, die samen het multidisciplinaire bureau From Form vormen.

Bekijk daarnaast ook de ‘Making of…’.

Creating pioneers om in de gaten te houden!

Willem de Kooning Academie
Hogeschool Rotterdam

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Photographer Rui Calçada Bastos used a mirrored suitcase as the main focus to develop this engaging series, The Mirror Suitcase Man, in which images overlap in complex arrangements. Using light and reflections, Calçada Bastos captured moments in which a man carries a suitcase across a fragmented scene.

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Macoto takahashi

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